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    This app will show your horoscope reading for today and your personality. Have fun with your friends knowing their personality traits

    The program helps you to calculate the value of your name Arabian big letters calculation way, and the result of calculation introduces you to your horoscope and the planet, and your nature that could be water, earth, air, or fire.

    Personal qualities and features abstracted by the program will depend on what the studies monitored as a common trait among humans, according to specified categories, and not prediction or otherwise.

    Today's horoscope contains information that are configured according to planets positions. Although there are theories about the influence of the planets energy on human, it remains the decision of the actual person is influential in his personal life.

    In this program will be able to:
    - Read your horoscope today
    - Read people's personalities by birth
    - Reading horoscope traits
    - Calculate the compatibility between two people by personality traits
    - Appropriate knowledge of the precious stone based on date of birth
    - Convert the date between Hegira and AD

    and other features you can identify by using the program.

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