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NASIOC is a forum for all Subaru fans to visit and get to know more about their favorite automobile company.

  • The Best Forum for Subaru Fans
  • Great Discussions
  • Feels Outdated

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"The Definitive Forum for Subaru Fans"


The app is simple enough. It is a forum for all fans to express their views from different perspectives and talk about the thing they all love. However, it seems outdated, with very mediocre layouts and interfaces.


The forums themselves are straightforward and simple. They keep things clean, with some nice discussion topics and they are accepting of opinions that differ from theirs. They also have a very well defined set of rules for people to follow, that are not morally degrading and still prevent arguments from getting out of hand.


The only real problem is that the app itself has very average layouts. It doesn't feel like a tablet application, and feels like a port from a computer instead. It has an outdated look and overly simple layouts.

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Anirudh Bathija

by Anirudh Bathija

May 28, 2015

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