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Write about it, take pictures and discover other pets like yours

  • Original idea
  • Works well
  • A bit chaotic

"Have you seen my cat's profile?"

Pets Next Door is what you never expected to exist: a social network especially made for pets! If you have a particularly adorable pet, or one that you just love very much and want to share his feats with the rest of the world, this is the perfect app for you.

What do you need to do? Create a profile for your pet, write about him, record him on video and post it, and, of course, take a lot of pictures of him while doing the most incredible stuff. People from around the world and the ones near you will be able to witness your pet's adventures and follow his life.

While we appreciate the effort to create an original application and some people might be really interested, the design and usability is not that good, it seems a bit chaotic for our taste. You can view the dogs (blue) and the cats (red) easily, but the green ones you don't know what they are until you click on them. Whenever you access a profile, you can choose to like the pet, view all the information and even comment what you think of it.

Animal Compass Org. is the developer of Pets Next Door, an original social network for animal lovers who can't spend a day without browsing through thousands of adorable pets from around the world.

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