Pharmacist Society



Pharmacist Society is the hub for verified Pharmacists to communicate and collaborate.

Welcome to “Pharmacist Society”, a Medical Professional World of Skipta for iPhone. Within “Pharmacist Society”, you as a user will have the opportunity to utilize social networking safely and professionally within your medical community.

Be in full control on how you network. Network within your selected specialty or reach out to other like minded medical professionals across networks.

Targeted. Professional. Safe.

Welcome to Pharmacist Society for iPhone.


- Updated and enhanced User Interface and Experience
- Focus on Collaboration and Social Networking

- Stream of activities on topics you care
- Notifications

What is Pharmacist Society?

Built by Pharmacists, for Pharmacists.
When we set out to create a trusted online collaboration platform specifically for the likes of Pharmacists, we wanted to be sure that it met the highest expectations. With input from active Pharmacists, we were able to launch Pharmacist Society in 2012.

From residency to retirement.
Our goal is to provide a dynamic area for students and physicians alike to leverage the power of social media and gain useful knowledge into their field. We’re ready to make a positive impact!

Unlock the power of collaboration with our verification process.
What sets us apart from the competition is our unique verification process. You can rest assured that users within Pharmacist Society are all verified by their student or physician credentials. See for yourself, get started here!