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Pikplaze is a location-based social network

  • UI and layout
  • Ease of use
  • Amount of features
  • Not too many users so far

"Hey, I'm here, great place, coming?"

Pikplaze allows users to share real-time recommendations, news, tips and any other info related to the places where they are. Pikplaze is one of the best ways to discover new places, and share them with friends or other contacts by liking it, commenting it or "repiking" (which is like a RT).

Pikplaze claims to be a huge community of active users sharing location-related information: prices, venues, shortcuts, pictures, comments and any other info that provides enough info to decide if try the place or give it a miss. There are other similar location-based social networks. Pikplaze has some great attractive features for users. However, you know how this works: the one who's capable to attract people to their platform won the prize. Pikplaze has to focused on making it viral. There are a few users so far.

Pikplaze is set in a user-friendly and cute layout. They've focused on simplicity, with four basic tabs: Activity, Explore, Social and Profile. Activity is just a timeline with activity log of people you follow or nearby interactions. From Explore you can see trends, popular posts, deals and places by categories. From social you can check your friend's list out or see interactions and from Profile, obviously, you can edit and manage your profile.

The app is intuitive and well designed. The social network itself has to focus on virality since there are a few users so far.

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by Manu , Appszoom

Aug 24, 2012

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