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Poll It! allows you to create polls or short surveys and send them to your friends or contacts (poll participants) via SMS. Anyone who has a mobile phone can participate in your poll.

Participants will receive a SMS text message. They will reply to the poll by simply typing one of the option codes provided.

• Participants with Poll It! app installed on their phone will receive notifications about the poll. They will be able to reply to you from their application with a nice user interface.
• You will receive instant notifications when someone replies to your poll.
• Set expiry date and time for the polls. Any replies after the poll has expired, will not be accepted.
• Participants can change their option selection by sending a different reply while the poll is still open.
• Create a new poll by selecting a previous poll! You won’t have to type the same poll again! Question and poll options will be automatically populated.
• Create contact groups for your favorite poll participants and select the group instead of individual contacts while selecting participants for the poll.
• Close polls before they have expired.
• Re-send polls to those participants who have not responded yet.
• Announce results to all poll participants via SMS with optional customization.

Important Note:

• Poll It! is an SMS based application, number of SMS text messages sent is determined by the length of the message and the number of participants you have selected in the poll.
• Carrier charges will apply for the number of SMS text messages sent where applicable.
• Participants will be charged one SMS text message for each reply where applicable.

Poll It! is developed by Andronauts team and sponsored by TEKsystems®.

- Jorge Luna
- Rashid Jilani
- Li Qun Sun (David)
- Varun Sood

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