Post Something!

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    Are you tired to see a ton of unwanted Facebook messages on your Facebook front page while you just want to see some of your best friends' latest status updates?

    Have you even imagined that you can post greeting messages to a batch of your friends' Facebook Wall by a few clicks?

    Have you even imagined that you can post messages and photos to your friend's Facebook Wall by a few clicks?

    Have you even imagined that you can post some funny stickers/drawings to your friend's Facebook Wall by few clicks?

    "Post Something!" can give you all the benefits above and even more!

    "Post Something!" is an application which is well operated with the native Facebook application, but it gives you a new experience to enjoy your Facebook.

    Key features:
    - Get the latest status updates for your friends;
    - Post messages to your friends' Wall by a few clicks;
    - Post stickers/photos/messages/drawings to your friend's/own Wall by one click;
    - Manage your Facebook friend list locally by grouping them to different groups;
    - Easy to local your friends from your friend list and access their Wall or Albums with your native Facebook app;
    - Post funny "text pictures" to your friends' wall;
    - Enjoy to post emotion icons/cutie stickers to your friends' Wall;
    - Supported customize background;
    - Display your friend's status based on your selection;
    - You can follow and comment on your friend's status;
    - You can now check with your Favorite Friend's News Feeds;

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