Pushya Nakshatra



Pushya Nakshtra (constellation of stars seen from the earth) is one of the powerful nakshtra that lightens the dark nights. More the power of Nakshrta more the chances of accomplishment (desired result) of the task done during that particular period (moments) of Nakshatra. And task done during this kind of period (moments) i.e. Nakshtra (or position of particular bunch of stars as seen from earth) gives tremendous success. In the ancient holy book "Gnata Dharma Katha" Pushya nakshatra is described as best Muhurat (divinely blessed time to start any good work) for pilgrimage / journey. In the books related to Tantra (religious texts containing magical and mystical formularies for the worship of deities) and Mantra (incantation) too Pushya Nakshatra is considered as the best time to get success in all task / work. Pushya Nakshatra which falls on either Thursday or Sunday is the golden period to get success in work/task/ pending for a long time.

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