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PyngMe uses your phone's GPS to allow your trusted contacts to easily know where you are...any time...without the necessity of a "Where are you?" text or call.

Friends and family can Pyng you any time THEY want to know where you are, rather than the burden being on YOU to send your location to them, as with other apps. With permission control settings, choose to automatically allow Pyngs from trusted contacts, so that they can see your live location without you needing to lift a finger. For other contacts, respond with is a simple "Yes" or "No" each time they Pyng you.

You can be Pynged from a web browser on ANY type of device, whether a computer, tablet, or smartphone. That's right - once you install PyngMe on your phone, inform friends of your unique webpage address (ex:, then they can Pyng you using a web browser on any type of device. You gotta try this!

More info:
Please submit questions, comments, and feature requests to our Facebook page (Pyng.Me App) or by emailing We'll get back to ya.

TO PYNG someone: you need to log into Facebook.
TO BY PYNGED by someone: you need to 1) have the app installed on your phone, 2) enable Location Services (Settings > Location services > Enable both Wireless Networks and GPS Satellites), and 3) give them permission to Pyng you.


Family & Friends
- Check on a friend's location
- Family members can easily find each other
- Find my phone

- Safer than texting while driving
- A quick way to show your ETA

- While you train allow friends to locate you without disturbing you
- Show friends your live location on race day
- Friends can locate you even when your route changes


• Other apps track your location constantly. This wastes battery and data. PyngMe tracks you only when you approve a Pyng, and only when a contact is actively viewing your location (usually no more than 1 minute).

• Other apps require each person to have the app before it is useful. With PyngMe, only the person being Pynged needs to have the app. Friends & family can Pyng from any web browser.


Register with your Facebook account and pick a unique PyngMe ID. Your ID then becomes your unique PyngMe webpage: that friends and family can use to pyng you. pyng'ing you is a request which appears on your phone as a notification. You will need to respond to the request in order for them to see where you are.

On the Contacts page, set each contact to:
1) "allow" - automatically allow their Pyngs, or
2) "ask" - the app will ask for your permission each time they attempt to Pyng, or
3) "block" - all Pyng attempts from this contact will be blocked

The default setting for each contact is "ask". For highly trusted contacts we suggest the "allow" setting so that they can see your location at any time without you needing to lift a finger. If you want to be completely un-Pyngable for a while, simply check the "Block Viewing" box under Settings.

PyngMe does not keep your location services running unless a contact is actively Pynging you. When they stop viewing your location, the app automatically stops broadcasting your location. This conserves battery and data usage.

Each Pyng uses a small amount of data if your phone is not on Wifi.

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Recently changed in this version

Major improvements in Version 1.3:
- Tutorial added
- International functionality
- Option to receive push notifications
- No longer uses SMS

Comments and ratings for PyngMe
  • (69 stars)

    by Doris Springer on 22/05/2014

    Since the very last update this app has not been working. Please fix! Samsung Galaxy Note II

  • (69 stars)

    by Justin Hayes on 19/03/2014


  • (69 stars)

    by Blair Daly on 09/02/2014

    I like using pyngme to check whether my housemate is at home and to see how close my buddy is to arriving when we meet weekly to shoot hoops. Also cool that I can pyng friends in Malaysia and Indonesia just for fun.

  • (69 stars)

    by Mohamad danaee on 10/01/2014

    This works perfect!!!!!!

  • (69 stars)

    by Alex Flooter on 02/09/2013

    I personally don't have FB account and don't want to get one. Why not letting people use their Google account? Don't think it would be such a security concern as everyone use G account with Android here. Also SMS notification would be good to have as an option. For those people who use battery saving apps because they basically keep 3G data connection disabled and reenable it periodically so loca

  • (69 stars)

    by Lauren Newman on 06/08/2013

    Would be nice if I could Pyng my contacts through the app, instead of the browser. Also, I'd like to disable sounds in the app.

  • (69 stars)

    by Evan Chinn on 10/04/2013

    Cool new multi platform app. Find each other fast!