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Got questions? Ask any type of question and the American community will be happy to answer you!

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★ Categories ★

We invite you to add the following categories to the application:

✓ News and Events
✓ Love and Relationships
✓ Arts and Humanities
✓ Cars & Transportation
✓ Beauty and Fashion
✓ Picture and sound
✓ Home and Garden
✓ Music, Movies, TV, Entertainment
✓ Politics and Government
✓ Restaurants
✓ Science and Mathematics
✓ Social Sciences

★ Examples of questions asked on Questina ★

- How does a light bulb work?
- What is your most intriguing secret organization?
- How to digitize old camcorder tapes?
- Presidential Election: Still undecided?
- What are the supporting documents we are entitled to request from a prospective tenant?
- What criteria should we rely upon to judge other people?
- How can I find out if the tap water in our region is suitable for human consumption?
- What is your favorite Harry Potter movie among all 8?
- What is the best natural product to clean silver jewelry?
- Do you know a trick to sharpen scissors?
- What is your favorite flower?
- What seems obvious to you?
- Are there any nice people left in the world?
- What would you like as your tombstone engraving?
- How does it show on the outside when it hurts you inside?
- What was your life-changing day?
- Am I pregnant, am I really that late?
- How can I get a deep and restful sleep?
- How can I become progressively smarter?

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