Qwanz is the fastest, most interconnected way for you to influence the wider conversation around issues and topics that matter to you.

Give your opinion, engage in a dialogue, or research a question you’re curious about by creating a poll of your own!

Qwanz is YOUR platform for daily democratic participation, opinion sharing, community engagement, and cultural influence. Whether it’s a cause you care about, a trend you’re interested in, or a change you want to see in the world, Qwanz is the place for you to get your opinions heard.

There is latent power in your social network. Many of your friends’ viewpoints aren’t being counted, their influence is not being exerted, and their voices aren’t being heard. Qwanz can help. Coupled with our network of over 20,000 journalists and media organizations worldwide, your social influence can be the most powerful tool to amassing public feedback and affecting the conversation on everything from current events and popular culture, to political controversies and social issues.

Have a strong point of view, but need a way of influencing decision-makers? You’re the advocate. Take our information and QWANZ IT. Send survey data to where it can matter, to decision makers and influencers with a stake in the question at hand. Our global network of journalists, government agencies, elected officials, and corporations is made accessible to you as soon as you sign up. You discover a poll. Cast a vote. Read the comments. Then QWANZ IT to a source.

Want to make sure Ron Paul’s fan club sees the results of this poll? QWANZ IT. Feel that gay marriage is a critical issue, but these responses are different from those you’ve seen elsewhere? QWANZ IT. It’s as easy as clicking the poll, and sending it to the right audience. This could mean an influential advocacy organization, a campaign lobbying on a particular side of an issue, or a journalist covering the poll’s topic as news. The point is, you decide who ought to know, and QWANZ IT where it needs to go.

Qwanz is at once a platform, a tool, a community, and a mentality.

Qwanz is home to news junkies yearning for a place to react after reading the day’s latest; to concerned citizens searching for wisdom in the crowd; to social advocates looking to compare perspectives around their cause; to fed-up bystanders ready to raise their voice and be heard; to political activists with the know-how to get information where it needs to go; and to ordinary people with opinions, questions, and distinct viewpoints that add value to the public dialogue.

If you are an opinionated citizen, an eager debater, an inquisitive learner, or you just think this sounds like a cool way to spend 5 minutes a day, then Qwanz is an app for you! Influence the ongoing conversation on any topic you care about, mobilize your network around a question, advocate on behalf of public opinion, and have a good time, voting, commenting, and surveying freely with Qwanz.

Here are the highlights of what's new in this version:

• You requested the ability to skip a poll. Now you can!
• We’ve made considerable speed improvements – so sharing your opinion is now much faster!
• Many of you requested the ability to leave comments on the question page instead of just on the answer page. We made it possible!
• We’ve extended the default time between polls to give you more time to read comments and leave yours. By the way, you can always adjust that in your settings.
• We’ve implemented a new auto login so you’ll be immediately logged into the site and mobile app on your next visit.

Finally, we thought you’d like knowing that based on the demand we’ve had, Qwanz is now going GLOBAL. The app now supports: French and Spanish languages in addition to our US, UK and India sites.

As always, we LOVE hearing from you. Shoot us an email back at feedback@qwanz.com with any feature requests, issues or help and support needed. We will get right back to you.

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