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    Let’s say a prayer for the Lord and He will forgive our sins!

    Did you know all sins can be forgiven if we pray wholeheartedly and we repent for what we’ve done?
    Prayers are one of the most basic ways of improving yourself as a Christian. They are of many types, but among them there are the prayers of penitence, said in order to have our sins forgiven by God. It’s not enough just reading or saying them: truly regretting the things you’ve done wrong and honestly trying not to repeat them stand at the base of any penitence prayer.

    ‘The second psalm was amazing. May God bless us all!’ – Gary S.

    This app is not only a collection of very beautiful psalms.
    This is a way to change your soul, a way to cleanse it of all the bad things you may have done. Say these psalms with your entire heart and your soul will thank you for that.

    Sometimes, caught in the craze of a sinful world, we forget about what being a Christian is all about. And it gets tough to stand up straight and remain strong in your faith when all you see is Greed and Malice. This app will help you remember that 5 minutes/ day for our Father in Heaven is not too much to ask for. After all, He gave us all we have…

    These short prayers will make you feel closer to God and His amazing Light. Say them along with your daily prayers and the Kingdom of Heaven will seem closer than ever, because your soul will be purified by the great love our
    Father caries for us, humanity, even when we’re sinful subjects of evil. Pray and He will hear you. Pray and He will heal you. Pray and you will always be taken care of, because He is a Father fair to His children…

    Christian prayers can be of many sorts, but none of them has any value if you don’t mean it. Words have an amazing power when they come from the bottom of our souls, not when they are just thrown in vain. Learn how to pray, because there lays your ‘relationship’ with God, Jesus Christ and the Saints. Learn how to pray and you will receive the keys that open the Gates of Heaven.

    You can pray for anything and as long as you are honest, you will be heard… There are prayers for strength, prayers or peace, prayers for healing. Anything can be done when there’s enough Faith in God, our Savior and Master. You can look at prayers as ‘conversations with God’, since they are the bridge between your faith, your wish and your Father. Pray and all your wishes will come true.

    Among the types of prayer there are evening prayers, penitence prayers, prayers of praise, prayers of thanksgiving, etc. In this app you will learn about the most beautiful prayers of repentance, the most touching words of penitence you have ever seen. You must ask for forgiveness in order to reach Heaven, because God does not love the conceited. These prayers are meant to purify your soul and make you meditate on your sins. Read them along with your daily prayers and you’ll see how much better you’ll feel about yourself.

    The Bible, the Gospels and the Church should be your best friends in times of tribulation such as these. Some say the End of the world is near, since it’s 2012 and many prophets have predicted the Rapture. However, a good Christian should always be prepared for the Second Coming. We should always live as if this would be our last day on Earth. We should leave no dirt behind us, no sin, just pure thoughts and an exemplary life.

    Be a better Christian today! Download these prayers of penitence and always have them with you!

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