Revive Your Relationships



There are some basic requirements which are common in almost every
relationship and in this chapter I will tell you all of those.

- Responsibility from both ends
- Take care of your relationships
- Enhance communication between your relationships
- Give your loved ones their time

We all strive for good relationships in all fields of our life because without
good and effective relationships it becomes very hard to survive in the
society. Good and healthy relationships are also essential for our physical
and mental health but we often lack these kinds of healthy and long lasting
relationships whther it comes to friends, family or husband wife. You can
have troubles with any of your relationship. There has been a great research
going on which emphasis on finding the true parameters of a healthy
relationship and surprisingly they have come to know some very basic
things which almost every one of us knows but we often forget to
implement those facts in our daily lives and screw our relationships.
Following are some of the basic rules which can create magic for your
Feeling yourself responsible is very crucial in relationships and no matter
which relationship you are talking about but you must feel yourself
responsible at one end. Take care of certain things for example if it is
relationship with your little sister then, instead of just playing the blame
game that she made boyfriend whom you do not like you should take some
responsibility and say that if I am wrong then, let it be and listen to your
sister whole story carefully and without any biasing make the decision with
your full responsibility which is to keep your little sister happy and safe.

Talking rudely and considering yourself always right is not the ways to
handle any relationship whether it is relationship with your elder, with your
Youngers or with your mates but you need to be polite and proactive about
your thoughts.

If you start feeling yourself responsible then, it will allow you to find some
mutual agreements which will be beneficial for the both parties. If you are
really after flourishing your relationships then, add some responsibility in
those relationships and things will start to get better.

Care is another very crucial part of your relationships because no matter
which relationship you have but you will always love to have someone
caring about you. This is human nature that we always love attention and
care. Similar case applies to everyone who is attached to you. Your family,
your friends, and your girlfriend everyone is starving for your care and
attention. You must have heard that saying that you only get what you give
and this saying applies to relationships perfectly. You cannot expect your
friends to take care of you if you are not providing them with that care.
Similarly your girlfriend will never trust you if you keep checking his phone
calls and emails. It's all give and take because nobody in this world is
perfect which includes you as well. There are shortcomings in everyone but
you need to ignore those shortcomings found in other if you want that they
should ignore you. If you started to explore their shortcomings then, it will
start a war in which both parties will always be looking for some bad things
in each other.

You also need to take care of the emotional bank in your relationship. This
is true that whenever you make a relationship then, an emotional bank
account is created and your actions, feelings, words, gestures and
everything which you do in that relationship adds some emotions in that
bank account. If you deposit happy moments, good gestures, caring feeling
then, you can withdraw love and care in return but if you start to deposit
hate, secrets, rude behavior, ignorance then, it will make things worse and
you will not get anything in return but your emotional account will get
jammed and you will not be able to withdraw anything.

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