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Roovy - Digital Portfolios

by: Roovy, Inc.


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Make and discover digital portfolios called "pods"

Fill them with:

- Photos, videos, mp3s

- Docs, presentations, PDFs, files of any kind

- Links to YouTube videos, webpages, or anything else

- Much more

Add media from:

- Your camera gallery
- Dropbox
- Google Drive
- Apps that share content to other apps
- Links

You control who sees your portfolios:

- If your pod is public, the public can easily discover and access your work
- If your pod is private, only those you invite will have access

Use pods to share media on any topic.

- School work

- Projects

- Digital portfolios

- Music or art

- Presentations

- Reference guides

- Schedules

- Events

- Handouts

Other conveniences

- Share links to a pod, or anything in a pod
- Comment on pods and any material inside
- Get push and email notifications for people and pods you follow
- Let others access your materials
- Update pods anytime

Use Cases

- CLASSROOM: Organize handouts, presentations, readers, assignments, and other educational materials in a pod. Or have students post their work in pods for teacher comments, class critique, or presentation to parents. Students can access, follow, and collaborate around pods via Roovy on their mobile devices or on the web.

- CONFERENCES: Post speaker presentations, videos, and handouts in a pod. Tell the audience to access these on their mobile devices, interact with each other and the presenter in real time by asking questions in Roovy. Update pods once the event is over to maintain an ongoing connection with your attendees.

- BUSINESSES: Share product literature with your mobile sales team. Or organize marketing materials, like videos, white papers, and user guides for current and potential customers. When you share media on Facebook and Twitter, link back to your pods to offer full access to your materials.

- INDIVIDUALS: Store media and files in pods as your personal, unlimited cloud drive. Add files from your computer or mobile device to have everything in one place. Or share photos and videos with friends and family. Keep some pods private and invite only those you want to have access.

- ARTS: Organize exhibitions and other collections in pods. Add pictures and descriptions of artwork, and provide a digital, mobile venue for people to learn more and ask questions. If you’re an artist, create a pod as a digital portfolio of your work so new people can discover you.

How we’re different

Unlike Dropbox, Google Drive, and Box

> Store links, like YouTube and Vimeo videos
> Comment on anything
> Follow people and pods for updates
> Optionally make your stuff available to the public

Unlike Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter

> Add more than just one or two types of content, like PDFs, presentations, and files
> Create a large, organized collection of media

And of course

- We let you mix and match content from any of these services in Roovy :)

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