Saying Thank You -ThankYouGram



A handy utility that enables you to thank promptly in a personalized way by inscribing your thank-you note on your own pictures.

It addresses need to express gratitude in personalized way in a timely manner before loosing the moment in the daily hubbubs of life.

Main features:
1. Convert your photo into a personalized ThankYouGram by inscribing your thank-you note on it.
2. Send ThankYouGram to your LinkedIn connections, emails or mobile numbers
3. Post ThankYouGram to your Facebook timeline or the pages your administer

Please note:
- A good Internet connection is highly recommended
- Do not to choose mobile recipients if device cannot send a text (SMS)
- Use web application ( to connect to Linkedin. After that, you can choose Linkedin contacts as recipients from Android app also.

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