Secret Chaperone




    Your fairy Godmother has gone 21st Century and dropped her wings for a mobile phone with Secret Chaperone – a cell phone safety app and alert system which enables anyone to proactively protect themselves or their loved ones from potential predators or harmful situations when they’re alone.

    From your social life to your professional one, Secret Chaperone is a confidential alert system which can be used to help minimize the risk and dangers associated with encounters with people you do not know. It is an easy-to-use web-based and mobile application that allows you and your loved ones the peace of mind of knowing where you are and who you
    are with, if and only when you need them to be alerted in case of an emergency.

    There are hundreds of situations, relationships and professions that can benefit from Secret Chaperone. It is an effective tool for both women and men and their loved ones who are put in potential unsafe and harmful situations through social and/or professional encounters. Whether it’s jogging in the park alone, going on a blind date, or making a sales call, Secret Chaperone can be used to ensure your safety.

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