Selfie360 takes your selfies to a whole new dimension: 3D animated!
- TechCrunch: "Selfie360 is the first that mixes selfies and gifs. It’s a lethal, lovely combination."
- re/code: "Oh yes, these are next-level selfies."

Regular selfies are dull: One flat photo, one angle.
With selfie360's technology, your selfies are brought to life in 3D animations, to show yourself in 3D or in a full 360 degree panorama of your surroundings.

Selfie360 lets you take 3 types of Animated Selfies:
1) Portrait Selfies:
The Portrait Selfie is an animated 90 degree rotation of your portrait. The animation starts from your left profile and rotates to your right profile.
Hold still to show a new look or an emotion frozen in space, or be creative and change expressions to create some unique footage.

2) Panorama Selfies:
The Panorama Selfie is a 360 degree animated panorama of your surroundings with you in the middle of it.
You are at the center of the scene, and the scene rotates around you.
The perfect way to show a shot of yourself, where you are, and what your surroundings look like (party, concerts, landscape…)

3) Full 3D Selfies:
The Full 3D Selfie is a 360 degree 3D animation of someone or something.
The subjects or objects are the center of the scene and they are rotating in the middle of it.

We will be releasing new features every 2 weeks so make sure you check our updates often.
Coming next:
- Share to Facebook, Instagram, Email, SMS, Twitter
- We will be introducing a new way to look at the feed.
- Direct messages: Follows and like will enable direct messages.
- Capture modes: 2 new innovative ways to capture group selfies
- Post processing: Animations are going to be stabilized automatically.
... and many more we can't discuss right now!

For support or questions contact us at
Twitter: @SELFIE360

Selfie 360, animate your selfies!

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