Serca2 (Twitter)



Operating above the latest Android4.0, Serca2 Twitter client is a new sensation.

■ unique features Serca 2
· Achieve fast operation with Quick control their own
Fast moving and fast scrolling using the

■ provide two types of layout design
Design a simple design for an attractive smartphone
A two-pane layout design for an attractive tablet

the base color of the two types
Provision white theme and black theme

-Supports multiple accounts
-Multi-column Twitter client recently popular
-Support real-time updates by UserStream

Twitter client Seruka 2 is a new Twitter client that makes full use of the new features in more than Android4.0.

I have free and open to the public.

We are available for the tablet design corresponding to 7, NEXUS 10 NEXUS 4, NEXUS.

※ Twitter client Serca 2 is the next generation version of Serca Beta.
※ use for trend information display the permissions of GPS.
※ released on September 06, 2012

Powerd by
Powered by Twitter4j

Exposed to the Sun 2012/09/06

Books I was referring to during development
Android layout Cookbook for 4.0 ICS

Android Security

Currently is the development version.
Such defect, please contact us @ serca_idea.

- Increasing the contrast of the background and text
- Fixed an issue where the layout is broken under the influence of text size change device settings
- Made it possible to change the maximum number of saved in the Timeline from advanced settings.
- Added advanced configuration features
   * Continue to add features regularly in the future.
- Fixed a bug that is not reflected in the number of tweets if you are in the background, such as post-tap the home button.
- Wifi will implement the action to take if unstable.
Reduce the number of API usage
(Only if UserStream is operating properly)
Thank you very much for your request.
Support real-time updates by UserStream.
※ user will only be started during the boot stream applications to reduce battery consumption.
Fixed a problem that occurs frequently login
* There is a possibility that login will occur under the influence of this fix.
Added the ability to change font size.
Add the automatic reset function of TL
Fixed an issue that may return to read tweets unread
Bug fix.
Addition of the tutorial function
Can lead to modifications and speed up the acquisition of such list
Bug fix.
Added the function of the thumbnails to view larger.
Add a menu in a vertical position.
Fixed a bug that I fall when you are offline.
Adjust the layout of the timeline.
(Vibrete, Ring ON / Off) Add notification settings
Fixed a problem that can not be your favorite paging.
Other bug fixes.

Fix screen transition animations as it can be seen that the return to the main screen.
Fixed an issue with some URL does not link properly.
Other bug fixes.

Add a reset function.
Add the ability to reply to everyone.
Bug fixes

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