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This is a mobile browser for Shacknews Latestchatty, a game forum. It is a gateway to a gaming community. Kind of.

What is Shacknews LatestChatty? A forum for games and gamers, whether PC or console. It's also a general BS forum for folks who are generally 25-45 years old. Some of them have no interest in gaming anymore, but used to in the early 2000's. As you might then expect, the Shacknews chatty is generally not appropriate for kids.

Shack Browse is vaguely based on Droid Chatty code. Droid Chatty is no longer developed (and in fact the author contributes to Shack Browse code), and neither is ShackDroid. If you're looking to browse ShackNews on Android with the latest look of Android and advanced features, this app is your ticket. It is the only app still actively developed for Shacknews LatestChatty on Android.

Extended Changelog:
v 3.2.1
* Undo button after collapsing threads
* Support Android 4.1 inbox style notifications and big swipe-down notifications
* Swipe / dismiss notifications now resets number notifications missed
* Swipe-to-dismiss gesture support on notification viewer in app

v 3.2.0
* New instant notification system
** Much more resilient than old system
** Works better with multiple devices
** Allows opt-in and opt-out of vanity and reply notifications separately
** Vanity notifications are a donator feature
** Custom keyword notifications (donator feature)
* Notifications history list, accessible from navigation pane
* Removed ellipsizing on threadlist due to bad android roms (Thanks Google)

v 3.1.6
* Auto version check
* Composer: Long-press-on-word markup selector is more consistent.
* Threadview: Post text is selectable and copyable. This feature has been a goal for 1 year.
* ChattyPics Uploader: This is now a separate application included in the package. To use it, android-share an image. Now allows you to copy to clipboard or make a new post.
* Search Results: Button to edit current search parameters of current search results. Should improve app flow when clicking a username to search posts and then wanting to filter results.
* Search: "Tagger" added to advanced lol search
* ShackLOL: new ThomW ShackLOL API support

v 3.1.5
* Bug Fix: Opening app via notification of single reply
* Bug Fix: Opening app via link in another app
* Bug Fix: Opening app sometimes results in app resetting
* Bug Fix: Bug in TurboAPI implementation causing pointless requests
* Bug Fix: Crash on LG G2 when long press word (maybe?)

v 3.1.4
* Bug Fix: Posting threads has delay in rare instances
* Bug Fix: NWS post filter
* Bug Fix: Rare bug where duplicate posts show when app db is corrupted

v 3.1.3
* New way to setup popup browser autozoom
* WinChatty V2 preference (default enabled) (thanks arhughes)
* Caching optimization 90% memory reduction for treebranch images
* Can share link URLs from inside popup browser
* Bug Fix: Thread collapsing much more robust
* Bug Fix: Bug clicking links inside spoilers

v 3.1.0
* New way to setup popup browser autozoom
* WinChatty V2 preference, allows use of WinChatty V2 API/database when possible (default enabled) (thanks arhughes)
* WinChatty V2 API implemented in API ping tool
* Caching optimization should dramatically (90%) reduce memory used by treebranch images, large threads should load much faster (thanks arhughes)
* Network timeouts now 30 seconds
* Can share link URLs from inside popup browser
* Bug Fix: When sharing or copying links from inside popup browser when it was started with the "view all images in post" button, all image links will be shared/copied instead of just the first one
* Bug Fix: Thread collapsing much more robust
* Bug Fix: Bug clicking links inside spoilers

Tags: shackbrowse, shack browse.

Recently changed in this version

v 4.0.5
* Color tweaks
* Bug Fix: Long threadtrees collapse as they should

See changelog in app for complete list of changes

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  • (77 stars)

    by Chad Brace on 02/01/2015


  • (77 stars)

    by Ian Wilder on 11/12/2014

    Yeah, this app is very well polished. Use it more than the site/Lamp.

  • (77 stars)

    by manish kumar on 20/09/2014


  • (77 stars)

    by Mike Razzino on 04/09/2014

    Gets you chicks.

  • (77 stars)

    by Camilo Flores on 19/08/2014

    ...and all the Gamefly team for the best message board app ever.

  • (77 stars)

    by Steven Iams on 29/05/2014

    It’s an unjustified chat app without a single new idea. It’s a self-gratifying spectacle that confuses cunning with depth. It’s a craven, heartless app of false moral equivalencies that uses the suffering of oppressed people as window dressing, as theme, while it explores its own cold metaphysical conceits. For its lack of humanity, for its fake guilt, for its flat boring interactions, for its

  • (77 stars)

    by Randy Wong on 23/05/2014

    It gets you apps.

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