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    Zemango is an application that allows you to share locations with your trusted friends or family members, using the iPhone, Android smartphones, and the web.

    To make your location information safe and secure, Zemango requires user registration and only allows location sharing when both parties give each other permission. All communications are based on secured connections (HTTPS).

    You also have the ability to turn the location sharing on or off on the fly, as well as to control the interval and the accuracy of the location sharing.

    Zemango also allows you to track your movement over a period of time. This trace can be saved for later viewing or shared as a KML or GPX file via e-mail with others.

    Zemango is in its beta stage, and there are a lot more features to come!

    Zemango uses the GPS capability of your phone to determine your location, and shares this information with your Zemango Friends when your sharing is enabled. Depending on your tolerance of battery drain of your phone, you may set the frequency of updates and the accuracy by clicking on the Battery icon on the toolbar. These setting can be changed at any time, and may be set to higher performance setting for example, when you are getting close to your destination, or when you want others to have your exact location in almost real time.

    Zemango allows you to:

    • Turn off information sharing at any time.
    • Set a fixed time duration for sharing information.
    • Set the frequency of location updates
    • Set the location accuracy

    Battery Usage

    Your location accuracy depends on how hard your GPS has to work to get a precise location. Zemango uses complex algorithms to get this information as efficiently as possible from combination of sources including the use of WIFI and cell phone towers, to reduce the power consumption to minimum. With usage you will be able to make judicious choice that will allow you to adjust these settings depending on your particular need.

    For example higher frequency updates and better accuracy setting may be necessary when you want to relay the information more frequently and more accurately, even at the cost of higher power drain of the phone.

    You can change your setting on the go at any time.

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