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SnapCall Sports is the only in-the-moment sports app that delivers the game within the game. Our team of quick-thinking, sports-loving Gamecasters ask questions, in real time, as the action unfolds. Call plays. Predict outcomes. Test your instincts to earn points and the ultimate bragging rights. Calling all Appthletes.

• Tap into your sports DNA to answer questions from our expert Gamecasters who ask questions, provide color commentary, and spark discussion as they watch the live games – no robots, no lame questions
• Make the calls in the moment as you watch the game live
• Enter answers on your mobile phone or tablet to earn points
• See how others answered and where everyone ranks
• Compete with friends or fans around the world to rise up the rankings and earn prizes and the ultimate bragging rights
• Talk smack chatting with friends, one-on-one, with or with the whole group
• Play free and unlimited events across every SnapCall Sports channels
• Stay connected to your favorite social networks within the seamless SnapCall Sports experience
• Play from anywhere. At home, in a sports bar, at the stadium! SnapCall Interactive TV lets you compete alongside other sports fans in your favorite bar or stadium as you watch the game live!

1. Download the free app
2. Select any live game
3. Get in the action!

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