Post, search and share top recommendations from the real experts: you and your friends.
If you’re looking for anything – a great place to eat, drink, shop or top tips on TV, travel, music, movies and more – you’ve come to the right place. Here, you’ll find great recommendations on everything, from the people you know and trust. Have a line on an off-the-menu dish? Discover a hidden hotel? Contribute your own top picks for cool places and covet-worthy things.
Anonymous reviews and 1-to-5 ratings have gone mainstream, but a real friend’s suggestion is meaningful. The Snoox app for Android puts great advice at your fingertips, in one totally useful, visual (and slightly addictive) place.
Snoox helps you make great decisions on the go, and post recommendations in real time.
- Recommend anything you’ve tried, love and want to share
- Organize recommendations into creative, personal collections
- Search on anything under the sun
- Find real recommendations from real friends
- Filter search results for fast, helpful advice
- Discover great recommendations from the Snoox community

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