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    Faster development of smart phones based on the life and the gradual change itda chinchatuidaetgeulmunhwaroseo One of them is the 21st century is called the flower of popular culture.

    Commenting on the opening of modern society have become less jeorbeuncheungui play as the creation of a new paradigm 20s jeorb write a story for their comments on posts ileobeoryeoteotdeon expectations and a sense of coming on your own in college and work hard to find by linking stress go away is the driving force of life.
    Chinchat, the new smartphone era going to be a good stepping stone to the bar said ...

    * [Ra this] Thank you :)

    * Forced functionality: 2011-09-22

    Street View feature with friends: 2011-08-31

    * Point gift Function: 2011-08-12

    * Ridaet bug fixes: 2011-08-11

    * Keyboard antteuneun error resolution: 2011-07-18

    * Chinchat Renewal: 2011-07-12

    * Ahyikonsyap Open: 2011-07-07

    * Automatic screen conversion bug fixes: 2011-06-22

    * Comments -> Added comments: 2011-06-13

    * Writing an infinite loading patch: 2011-06-09

    * Added black list feature.

    Eumseonggeul, defamatory, bimaeneodeungui user without warning a bout of the block. Blocked members can not yiyongha mistake once.

    * Search capabilities have been added. 2011-05-31

    * Point functions have been added: 2011-05-29

    * Membership Withdrawal feature has been implemented: 2011-05-28

    * Hoewongaiphu login should not have handled the problem. I am really sorry for the inconvenience.

    * Internet is not good neurilsu gulf somewhat.

    Flick a Cocoa application is no longer comment on your friends, do not come looking for aementokchingu:-p

    Add to friends geulppunin request to stop now ~

    Now let's add a friend to see the photos ~ ;)

    Hoist my photos and see pictures of friends of friends directly Pick mameume favorite ~

    SNS to find a friend to meet several friends :) Please get acquainted

    Various SNS (kakaohtok, aementok M & Talk, gugeultok) to find friends and see a friend :)

    * In My Account sseungeul I / I wrote my article and rules that comment.

    In addition, a line self-introduction or change your profile picture you can take

    Abusive, advertising writings can be deleted without notice.

    * 3G connection to the Internet is slow or slow, or normal environment, the application may not work. T ^ T

    Wifi, especially in an environment as possible to upload a file please ...

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    : Catch me if u can (lying position) / Lee: Again, the game / sonbyeongho 2 games / torque ripple and / absolute pitch value like application, so please also :)

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