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Version 0.4.
- Fix bug Forcing close.

*** More new feature is coming very soon.

+ For user does not know how to authentication with Twitter:
There are a text box on the top. Please try to login first they you will see a serial number. Put in to the box and click ">>" button. Thank ericavila03.

+ For user keep seeing forcing close:
Please follow step below:
Go to Settings -> Applications -> Manage Applications -> Find the app: Snaio-Social Network All In One ->
Click clear Data -> Then Click Uninstall. Then download it again. Thank ericavila03.

SNAIO: Social Networking All In One
Developing a generic social networking service
Integrates information from all plugged social networking services
Features Implemented so far in SNAIO are:
Ability to authenticate with facebook and twitter by using OAuth method. In OAuth method username ad passwords do not need to be saved on local Android device.
Ability to fetch status updates from facebook and twitter and, and show them on SNAIO screen. Each of the updates is associated with their related icon from either Facebook or Twitter. New updates from facebook and twitter will be shown on SNAIO automatically without users’ integration.
Ability to fetch photo updates from facebook wall, and show them on SNAIO wall.
Ability to fetch comments on shared posts and images and show them on the screen.
Ability to show the timestamp (date and time) and duration related to each of the posts, images, and comments.
Ability to show the number of likes for each of the posts, images, and comments.
Providing a friendly environment for SNAIO user to update personal status. This update will be transferred to both twitter and facebook walls.
Providing a friendly environment for SNAIO users to post their comments on friends’ or personal status or Image updates. These comments will be transferred to Facebook or Twitter walls too.
Providing a tool for a user to “like” a shown post. • Ability to show the name of the related users (owners of the posts, comments or comments) in a bold and colorful font.
Setting the screen background color for SNAIO to a white color. • Setting the comments background with a blue color, to make it look different from the posts.
Ability to show the profile picture for any of the shown posts, comments, pictures.
All updates on SNAIO wall are sorted with their associated timestamps.
Snaio on Google Code Project:
Snaio on Getjar

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