Sociallinx is a new and exciting global social network dedicated solely to establishing relationships between the hospitality industry, its businesses, professionals, students and the public. Our professional members consist of owners, executives, management, concierges, to name a few, from the hotel, nightclub/dayclub, restaurant, bar, lounge, travel and entertainment industries.

Connect. Discover. Evolve.

Connect - network and forge new relationships with brilliant leaders and a vast community of employees of every job description. Establish relationships with new clients while providing excellent service to current ones through your network of contacts across the globe. Connect your business with others looking to form partnerships or start company or personal groups, blogs, discussions and promotional videos as they relate to your business and individual needs.

Discover - jobs at every level, stay abreast of hospitality trends, events, blogs and extraordinary deals from hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, dayclubs, bars, lounges, travel, entertainment and beyond.

Evolve - into better consumers and hospitality professionals, armed with the support gained from the new relationships forged in our community and a never ending source of information.

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