SongMan Plays a Song Remotely



What SongMan can do, and who should use it?

  1. Select a song and play it on your phone, recipients can enjoy your songs and music from their cell phones without user interaction.

  2. Schedule to play a song at specific time to a group of people.

    You can use this feature to celebrate someone's birthday, play a birthday song for him/her. You can also use this feature to congratulate someone for the coming new year and Christmas.

  3. Artists can use SongMan to play a new song to a group of contest judges.

  4. Employers can use SongMan to broadcast announcements to their employees.

    Employees can listen to the announcements while driving, working, eating etc...

1. Select a song from the list by clicking on it.
2. Enter the recipient's phone numbers separated by semicolon(;), or choosing them from the recipient's list.
(For test purpose, you can enter your own number. If this works for you, it works for your friends.)
3. Click "Play"

1. All devices have to be Android phones and have to intall SongMan in order to listen to your songs.
2. All devices have to have Internet access.

For Setup Instructions:
After installing SongMan, Go to Menu > Help

Come on guys, Let's Rocks the World!

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