Send an instant drink. Send cash too. Can't make the birthday party? Gift a dinner - while she's at the restaurant - boom - she got in on her iPad! Give virtual gift cards to your friends and people at your favorite spots you want to meet. Get dinners, drinks, gym classes and more. No wallet? No problem! Pay your bill or the cashier with the app. Find a new friend with similar interests, send them a drink and say hello! See everyone at the place! Send a drink to the cute girl at the bar half way 'round the world, an extra night at the hotel to a dear friend on vacation or emergency cash to your son at the college bar!

Spotwired is a powerful yet fun technology for stores, restaurants and hotels to create impromptu, online communities based on real-world locations where registered users can engage in social networking including chatting and sharing of gifts at those locations with members of their social networks and anyone else at the same location. Members of the Press are invited with vip entry to discuss and interview at any Spotwired location launch event. Please call or email for details on our next Spot Launch.

Reviewers note:
"Restuarants, hotels, theatres and stores are now within reach from wherever you are. Treat your friends to a drink, gym class or an extra night at the hotel they are staying at. Converse with and see everyone at the spot. Gift your friends a drink from a Spotwired bar. They'll be down in no time! Give a wedding present that will show up on her Facebook and her Spotwired phone app. when you know the bride is at her favorite store. Buy extra chips at the casino. All gifts are redeemable instantly by phone at the spotwired location it was ordered from. Click the Android or Apple Icon to get the app. or click Enter now to checkout spotwired locations. Order gifts or self-order without ever carrying your wallet or giving stores your credit card information. Enter a Spotwired place and experience this exciting world. We are the first to integrate Social media and transactions in such a sophosticated manner integrating everyone at the place and your friends into a single network of social commerce. Got a birthday dinner you can't make? Send them a drink or gift certificate from the place when you can't make it. They'll see your gift on their Facebook Wall or as a Spotwired message redeem the gift when they get there using their phone.You're the hero even know you couldn't make it in person. Buy drinks for your friends to pick up and enjoy at the table before you get there. Text your friends from a Spotwired location and they can instantly see others using Spotwired - even people they do not know. This presents a new way to meet people with similar interests when you are at any Spotwired location."

Store & Restaurant/Bar Owners: "Spotwired means more people buying products from your place even when they're not there. A patent-pending, valuable advertising system rewards you with greater exposure the more activity your place has, free for all our approved merchants. A distinct and personalized merchant environment setup lets you add your own products, photos, specials and music streams at your leisure. Your news and specials appear for all to see. Both your real and virtual guests interact together in a realtime, patent-pending visual arena or, if preferred, the traditional social-network styled message-based format. spotwired has the most secure patent-pending delivery system for in-person pickup of gifts ..."

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