SyncAl (Sync-Albums) is an overall album management tool that handles all the photos in a device and in SNS such as Facebook, Myspace and Flickr. SyncAl is designed to manage photo albums that are created as virtual albums in a device and are loaded as SNS albums, to copy these albums to SNS, and to synchronize a source album with destination albums when a source album is updated by being added photos.

* User Manual is ready on our Web Site.
* Language: English, Japanese
* SNS: Facebook, Myspace and Flickr

Excellent viewers
SyncAl has three main views: Album View, Thumbnail View and Image View.
Album View displays virtual albums, called 'Local' albums and SNS albums in a grid/list.
Thumbnail View displays thumbnails in a grid/list and these thumbnails belong to the album you selected.
Image View shows a single resizable image one by one A slideshow starts with a button on this view.

Create Album
You can create both Local albums and SNS albums.

Copy Album
After you created a Local album, you can copy it to SNS. You can also copy one SNS album to another.

Update Album
Each album and photo has a title and a description fields. Modifying these fields, you can update an album info and a photo info.
Note: Whether each album and photo has a title and a description depends on each SNS.

Delete Album
You can only delete Local albums.

Synchronize with Albums
Once you copied an album to SNS and modified the album by adding and deleting photos in the album or updating the album and photo info, SyncAl can synchronize the source album with the destination album manually or automatically.

Easy-to-use Camera
SyncAl has an easy-to-use camera so that you can take a picture and save it to a Local album, or upload it to the SNS album.

Album Data Auto Save
SyncAl has your album data and setting data, and saves them to the database inside SyncAl automatically as necessary.

Set Album Cover
Each album can be set a cover photo.

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