Talk2Share: One-Click SNS



Share your thoughts with people and make friends the easiest way!

1. What is Talk2Share?

Message-based Social Networking Service that collects NO personal information whatsoever for complete privacy protection. So you can start using this app with just one click without any registration process.

2. When do I use Talk2Share?

You can share your daily thoughts, interests, or opportunities with other people to seek help, have fun, or make friends without unnecessarily exposing your identity.

3. How is it different from anonymous chat or Q&A sites?

Talk2Share provides various “personalization” features such as:
- Specify favorite & unfavorite keywords for selective message receiving
- Give higher message priority from nearby users
- Choose between "Reply" (that all users can see) or 1:1 "Chat" from within a received message

Have fun!

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