Share location between friends, find local stores or meeting places, and chat with friends.

Geo Sharing:
• share your location with your colleagues when you're late getting to a meeting
• show where you are when your friend needs to find you in an emergency
• ask your friends to share their location when you want to drop in for lunch when you're in town
• let your wife know you're making your way back home from a game
• keep your life-line aware of your location when you're out on a blind date
• share locations of events and places with your friends
• share your location, and request locations from people with only email and sms (your friends don't need the app installed)

• search for places to shop, eat, get services, and have fun
• share your searches with friends to plan meetings and fun events
• mark a spot with a pin and tell your friends where that hidden place is
• check a spot's rating and their website

• organizes your favorites on one screen: keep mom's phone, your friend's IM address, your BFF's sms, and your manager's email in one place
• chat with a friend or with groups of friends
• share searches and locations with your friends

No-sign up. No username or password. Get the full usefulness out of group chat and sharing your location privately in the network by entering your name, email and phone - then your friends can find you.

We hope you enjoy tenfour, we're actively interested in what you want in the next versions. Please email us at support@tenfour.net.

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