Top Tech People On Twitter



Technology evolves rapidly as new gadgets are launched, emerging platforms are released, digital policies changed and new social movements are started. It's challenging to stay on top of the ever-shifting technological landscape. To help you navigate the tech world, stay on top of tech news and keep up with the latest in cutting-edge technology we've put together a growing list of tech thought leaders you need to follow on Twitter. By following these tech influencers on Twitter you'll get the inside scoop, real-time coverage of tech stories and be able to follow trending tech conversations as they happen.

Some notable tech thought leaders on our growing list of "Top tech people on Twitter" include: -
-- John Perry Barlow - Founding member of the Electronic Frontier Foundation. One of the first to advocate for a free and open Internet.
-- David Pogue - Tech columnist and gadget reviewer for the New York Times
-- Chad Hurley - Co-founder and former CEO of YouTube ( and MixBit (
-- Mike Isaac - Senior Editor at All Things D (
-- Pete Cashmore - CEO and Founder of
-- Rebecca MacKinnon - Co-founder of Global Voices Online (
-- Danah Boyd - Social media scholar, youth researcher & advocate | Microsoft Research, NYU Media Culture & Communication, Harvard Berkman Center

To name a few as our list "Top Tech People On Twitter" has a growing number of entrepreneurs, journalists, advocates, columists, academics and other tech thought leaders.