Description is solely owned by Yaolit Inc, established its corporate headquarters at Burlingame, California USA. since 2009. is a world class Buy and Sell platform; we are positioned to become one of the frontrunners in the race for market leadership in the international Buy and Sell trading marketplace. It's the first Buy and Sell site to offer buyers to list what they want and let sellers around the world to compete for their businesses. Whether you are a manufacturer with thousands of employees or a sole business owner, tradelit still can serve you in many ways.

    The core management has set up various effective programs that establish a clear and defined course to make the company the leading online Buy and Sell trade portal and other related services. At the forefront of its model is the establishment of a network of company controlled and managed by Independent Country and Regional Sales Managers that would be strategically distributed geographically to optimize marketing and sales effectiveness.

    Company Mission Statement - The company's mission is to make the preferred Buy and Sell global trading portal for our members by delivering a continuous online and mobile innovation and exceptional member experience through the fulfillment of services that "connect businesses worldwide".
    Management Experience - The Management team is highly qualified and knowledgeable in the areas of information technology, computer programming, systems design, marketing, management, and business development as well as in international commerce.
    Industry Knowledge - we will leverage the knowledge of the online and offline marketplace and the information technology industry to establish a dominating online presence in the internet affording easy and effective use of its website functionalities to its subscribers.
    WebSite - we maintain a fully trained staff with the desired expertise and background in the computer industry that are capable of designing and maintaining the company website that would help prospective clients to better understand company products and services.
    Diverse Sources of Revenues - Our business model is based on its expertise in the disciplines of marketing, management and innovative business development providing it the ability to fully cultivate the potential of the Buy and Sell Solutions and International trade industry through efficient and effective products and services.
    Aggressive Marketing - The core management is positioning to grow aggressively through assertive management, aggressive marketing, strategic alliances programs, and effective market development.
    Growing Market Segment - The multi-billion dollar virtual global marketplace for the trading of goods and services continues to grow and intend to capitalize on this opportunity to become one of the leading providers of Buy and Sell trades.

    All members will be treated with respect, customer service and satisfaction is the main focal point within our business model and overall strategy.

    As a Free Member, buyer/seller can take advantage of our user-friendly interface that anyone can understand and use. It also allows you freedoms you won't find anywhere else, we allow you to promote unlimited number of products, and access to many other useful features to help on your business decision.

    If you are a Premium Class Member, you will receive a free website to start which you can customize yourself with no extra charge, it also include one private domain name of your choice and you will also receive the latest SEO (search engine optimization) technology with 50 keywords to help getting your site and product stay on top page of most search engine.

    Finally, we encourage all buyers and sellers to go through our strict verification process so our members will have an ease of mind when conduct businesses.

    Signing up for could be the best move you can make and there's no real strings attached.

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