Today's phone-centric lifestyle means digital
connections are an essential part of our daily
life. Adding the personal touch with the sound
of a kiss to enhance your interactive experience
just makes sense. TruKiss is a send receive "kiss
with sound" to anyone, anywhere, anytime. We all
desire to get and give kisses and now we can,
just a tap away!

This app is so streamline and user friendly, it
hardly needs explanation.
-create, login screen
-event screen
-contact screen
-menu button

You'll love TruKiss and the fun and love it will
send to the people in your life.

-get the app
-do the simple set-up
-share your screen(kiss)name
with people you want to kiss
-to kiss, both smartphones require
one-time download
-BUILD a circle of kissing friends,
family, or a new sweetheart
-have fun and make people happy

-super fast
-if your kissing contact is not on screen
when you send a kiss, they will get a
notification, so they won't miss a kiss!
-program in not complicated with endless
-activity is thoughtful, fun and serious
-interface is clean and simple
-the sound is nice
-multi-communication, a kiss says:
hello, goodbye, miss you, good night
good morning, I'm attracted, the list
goes on and on.

and here's a COOL NEW TWIST has created a search for people to kiss BUTTON!
Clicking takes you to a social networking site to look for
friends with common interests, interact, share your
"kiss name" and open the possibility of finding someone
special. Opportunity is very exciting and fun!
Check it out, it's free!

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