Truth or Dare


Truth or Dare's review


Spin the bottle to see who has to answer a truth or do a dare

  • Well designed
  • Good dares
  • Too many ads
  • Timed ads

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"Spin The Truth Or Dare"


The app looks great, with well designed bottles and a hardwood 'floor'. You can swipe to select the easy or medium bottle, or pay to unlock the hard bottle. Unfortunately full-screen ads ruin the experience, some of which are timed, ruining the experience.


The app is very well designed, with great looking bottles and a hardwood floor for them to spin on. The dares are good, and well suited to their respective easy and medium categories. There is also a hard mode in the paid version of the app, which will also remove the ads.


The app serves way too many full screen ads, often just as you're about to press truth or dare, meaning you click the ad instead. Some of the ads are timed, meaning you must wait to close them, and often another ad will be served on top of the timed ads, further increasing the wait time. This makes the app really quite unusable.

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by Oliver

Feb 25, 2015

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