Tweet Patrol



This app is the best Twitter client to roam and patrol the world of Twitter.
It is equipped with a lot of useful features and basic functions fulfilling.
- Automatic collection of post image
- Automatic save of post image
- Gallery view of post image
- Post image thumbnail view on timeline
- New tweet notification of user specific
- New tweet notification containing the specified keyword
- Periodic update of the trend word
- Can set the per-user color label
- Thumbnail display of the image attached to DM
- Save feature of tweet.

Also supports the following features in the Pro version. Please upgrade by all means.
- Multi-account (Free version is a trial)
- Stream (Free version is a trial)
- Enlarged and reduction display of post image (Free version is a trial)
- Tweet automated translation
- User search from the User ID / Name / Profile (Free version is a trial)
- Some limitations of the free version is released

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