If you would like to join the 10-50 other people who are live tweeting their dreams download TweetDreams today! Leave it running next to your bed at night and it will transcribe [google voice transcription] and via Twitter live-tweet you as you talk in your sleep. The sounds you make will be saved as WAV files and downloadable links to said sounds can be included in the tweets. In addition, the WAV files are added as keys to a synthesizer that I built into the back of the app. Keys are named by the words it thinks you said, so if in your sleep you say "I'm hungry" then a key with the words "I'm hungry" will be added to your synth, and pressing it will play the sound. I coded some random instruments, looping functions, and other toys like pitch augmentation into the synth which when juxtaposed with your dream keys can create awesome new original music. There is nothing like this out there, trust me lol. (Also no advertisements and it's free, as all art should be).

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