TweetSearcher+ for Twitter



This application allows you to search tweets form Twitter.
Developed with Twitter API v1.1.

If you are a user of TweetSearcher, you can migrate your search histories and favorites through Migration for TweetSearcher which is available on Google Play.

- Search options: Keyword, Username, Date and Hashtag (You can include/exclude retweets)
- Top 10 trending topics, either worldwide or current location
- User Trends and Favorites
- Image preview: limited to Twitter and Instagram images - supports pinch to zoom and image save to SD card
- Youtube video preview: limited to specific videos that are included in tweet directly
- Indicates which tweet has a photo and video
- Provides detail and profile view
- Share your search results with your friends through Email, Text Messaging, Messenger Applications and even Twitter.
- Long press on the tweet list to share multiple search results through Email (Android 4.0 and above)
- Long press on the list of User Trends or Favorites to remove items
- Provides widget and direct search shortcut
- Authenticates with OAuth 1.0A
- Notification service for new tweets

You cannot search tweets older than about a week as Twitter provides limited data.
You cannot tweet, retweet, reply or follow through Tweet Searcher.
There is so many users who tweet trending topics as a spam with blank GIF images. For that reason, I have decided to do not support image preview for GIF.

Revision histories:
- Added notification. You can set notifications for new tweets.

- Supported location-based trending topics. You can choose trends from settings either worldwide or current location.

- Fixed Instagram preview issue

- Added shortcut for direct search. You can add shortcuts from widgets and can search tweets directly.
- Supported banner image in profile
- Fixed multiple choice UI bug occurred on Jelly Bean

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