TweetTab (Twitter client)



This app can be displayed in the form of Twitter Timeline tab is available.

You will be able to quickly switch to display multiple timelines simultaneously.

You will be able to organize to create a list.

If the person you are following is frequently muttered, you will be able to enjoy the comfort Twitter By separating the list.

You will be able to use without having to pay the full functionality of this app.
This app is available for free.

■ What is a Twitter client?
Twitter and the client can use the tool to more convenient Twitter. Can be viewed from the outside post and tweet pages of Twitter, such as RT and of course have all the reply, it is not the original Twitter page, any feature that is more fulfilling. The client has various types shall be available from the Web, other than those available from the Web, such as those submitted by e-mail.

■ Introduction of Twitter client

App "Twitter" official self-explanatory. In the last two years, including support for notification, etc. (multiple accounts), multiple accounts and push the filter function of the photo. First of all, that the objection would be less suitable as the entrance of the mobile experience of this official Twitter app.

"Twicca" male client app. Is supported in the world, ranking # 4 displaces the app in the ranking of the following manufactured overseas. Have been developed for many plug-in, you can pursue a variety of ways to enjoy. And ease of use of its design, has a significant impact on the client application backward.

Future updates will "tweecha" be fun. Behavior in the app's minimal capacity, the facility has been enhanced on it firmly. Also supports user stream. It is also rich design settings. Attention and make it easier to input pin code when you log in, the comfort of the movement of the column when switching is performed column by swipe, and design of the pieces is a highlight.

"Janetter for Twitter"
"Janetter for Twitter", a Twitter client for the PC version of the Android app was developed by a famous browser Jane "Jane Style" only channel 2. You can easily switch between by swiping another timeline multiple accounts. In the free version there are ads at the top, no ads in "Janetter Pro for Twitter" paid version.

"Twitcle" There is a lot of flexibility. It probably has been developed to study well "twicca" I can guess. operation to update pull down the column as iOS app is comfortable. It supports the user stream, we can automatically update the timeline.

"Twidere for Twitter"
Currently, New Face "Twidere for Twitter" that is gaining momentum (Tsuidere). Be switched by swiping the tab. Noteworthy that you can see the "(activity) reaction of everyone." You can check the official app as Twitter, that are followed or was or is retweet. Is two-pane view for the tablet.

"ShootingStar" conspicuous among the client's number. Such as the presence of "skill" level-up system and a variety of features, hidden, but it's almost like a game Twitter client app. Such as preferred username is the presence that can be app supreme, users can enjoy the atmosphere that a user got tired of Twitter usual, and savage sense, net games to choose people intensely in other words is a feature of this app wax. For more information, check the official site ShootingStar.

"Scope" is a social media dashboard that can be used in one app at a time as well as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, even Foursquare. Impressive design and the colorful round icons. You can check each SNS in a single stream, I can post at the same time in each SNS. English display but not high threshold.

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