Twitpump lets you stream live video and upload videos of any length from anywhere, even with 3G. No need for Wi-Fi! Your Twitter & Facebook pages get the links.

With Twitpump, you can upload your videos 5 times faster. You choose optimal upload speed.

Use the app the pros use: Fox News, CNN, and ABC News

You can do all your regular Tweeting plus video, pictures, and music from anywhere. Twitpump messages can simultaneously update your Facebook page and gives you mobile access to Twitpump powered websites.

The Twitpump Android App also gives you an opportunity to become an integral part of the Twitpump social networking website.

Twitpump keeps all of your multimedia posts in a single location that is easy to view and to comment upon.

Content types that can be uploading using Twitpump include:

• Text messages up to 4,000 characters in length
• Photos of any size - up to a quantity of 5 per upload (User’s own or those found on the internet)
• Video clips (User’s own or those found on the internet) with text comments
• Live, streaming video feed
• MP3 Music

Twitpump technology includes a patented, proprietary form of video transmission capability that is unsurpassed in its ability to maintain connections within the constantly fluctuating bandwidths that represent the reality within cell phone communications. When other technologies disconnect when transmitting in the unstable cellular environment, Twitpump will remain solid.

In today's world where minutes are critical to users in experiencing life, only Twitpump can allow a user to, with a single click of the button, transmit a live streaming video of an important event to users' friends, followers or customers. When a user starts broadcasting a live video stream, a message is sent to all followers/friends to make them aware of the stream. The message includes a link that allows them to immediately start viewing the broadcast.

Twitpump's professional video technology was designed so that if physical safety necessitated that the reporter discontinue a feed, or communications signal was dropped by the carrier, the reporter could still continue to record the story, with Twitpump technology saving the data and transmitting it as soon as the feed is reestablished, leaving no break in the story. Twitpump offers all users this same professional capability.

Users of Twitpump have the option of including an automatically embedded geo-location based on GPS data related to their current location or by the IP internet address of the nearest connecting server. Exact location can be identified by the user through an interactive map.

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