Twitter Search nearest



It is an application that quickly searches tweets nearest events and trends.

We will search for tweets within a specified radius from the location (latitude and longitude in the title bar) now.
Specify radius search is possible in the range of 0.5Km ~ 50Km.
Location information is enabled (the name is displayed in red) tweet post position can be confirmed by the map.
Is updated to the current position in the latest tweet update button, a maximum of 100 tweets will be displayed.
※ point of interest
When you turn on fixed-position button, you can search for tweets that location. Super convenient search tweets overseas, of course! !

※ This application is not available due to the abolition of the Twitter REST API v1 Search.
※ There is a need to enable the Google's location services and GPS.
※ strictly prohibit that exploit location information.

Tags: twitter最寄検索 , ツイッター 検索 名前