You're on the road or about to leave home, but would like to know what is happening in traffic, in order to know which streets and/or avenues can be avoided? This information is valuable and can help you make the journey to your destination as fast and smooth as possible. Thinking about it, TwStreet come to assist you.

TwStreet collects, consolidates and displays tweets (Twitter messages) in real time, from people on the streets sharing what they find, on events in the traffic (e.g. traffic jam, accident, etc.). The goal is to help other people avoid some setbacks, and then arrive at their destinations faster.

The method used by TwStreet to collect this information is through the search of tweets sent by specific accounts created by Twitter users, which are intended to share everything that happens in traffic, with his followers. In addition to specific accounts, other users, voluntarily, also share information from their own personal accounts, using specific #hashtags. These hashtags - or keywords - symbolize the kind of content of the tweet, that this scenario represents a traffic information.

TwStreet's work, besides providing an easy and quick access to this type of information, was to catalog the major accounts and #hashtags used by Twitter users to share traffic information.

With all this, TwStreet provides a tool, whose content is created by the users, regardless of whether or not they use it. Because everything is on Twitter! TwStreet here to add this great community.

To stay tuned on news from TwStreet and interact with us, follow us on Twitter, @emobtech and @twstreetapp.


See below the list of functionalities:

- Presents real time tweets on traffic events.
- List of major accounts and #hashtags on traffic (only from Brazil) on Twitter.
- Send tweets about traffic in a standardized and quick.
- List of main types of events, which speeds up the sharing.
- Create new filters for other accounts and/or #hashtags on traffic.
- Retweet a specific event or comment with your followers.


See below the list of main features:

- Simple and fast.
- Friendly user interface.

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