Ultimate SchedulerKey(Tweezee)

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    This is the unlocker for the premium features in TweeZee. This app alone does nothing, it is ONLY the key. Be sure to have the free Tweezee apk installed as well.

    This key unlocks the following features.
    -No ads!
    -SMS (Premium only)
    --Auto completion of contact numbers (t9 style).
    --Send sms messages at specific intervals.
    --Send sms messages at specific times.
    --Send sms messages on specific dates.
    --On reboot, restart saved sms messages!
    --Unlimited saved messages.
    --Restart, stop, or delete saved sms messages easily.

    -Email (Premium only)
    --Auto completion of contact emails.
    --Restart, stop, or delete saved email messages easily.
    --Unlimited saved emails.
    --On reboot, restart saved email messages!
    --Send email messages at specific intervals.
    --Send email messages at specific times.
    --Send email messages on specific dates.
    --Unlimited saved email accounts.
    --User/pass combo stored as an encrypted string for security.

    -Facebook (Premium only)
    --Post to your Facebook wall at specific intervals.
    --Post to your Facebook at specific times.
    --Post to your Facebook on specific dates.
    --On reboot, restart saved Facebook posts!
    --Unlimited saved messages.
    --Restart, stop, or delete saved Facebook posts easily.
    --Invite Facebook friends to use Ultimate Scheduler.

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