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Vine Downloader is 50% for Christmas!

The only app of its kind on the Google Play Store! The only way to download Vine videos on Android!

Best when used with the official Vine app:

To download from URL (ICS+ devices only):

1. Download the official Vine app, or acquire a Vine link (

2. If you have the link, go to the download section of app (press the (+) icon) and enter the link, then press "Download Vine"

3. Otherwise, go to "Share to..." in the official Vine app

4. Select "Download Vine" (the URL will appear)

5. Press "Download Vine"

6. Videos are saved to sdcard/VineDownloader

To download from viewing:

1. Download the official Vine app

2. Open it and start viewing videos

3. Open Vine Downloader and the list of the videos you just watched will appear

4. Tap on a video to view it, tap and hold to download

5. Videos are saved to sdcard/VineDownloader


1. Videos are saved in the highly portable .mp4 format, making them viewable on almost any device!

2. Sleek, easy to use interface.

Please contact us with any features you would like integrated:

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