WatchDroid is a location service which sends e-mail notifications with the current location and history data of a certain mobile phone.

WatchDroid app must be installed on the mobile phone to be localized. Next, the service must be configured: e-mail account that will send notifications, e-mail address which will receive those notifications, a slot time, the mode, notifications period.

It is possible to define a slot time in which, every day, the service will wake up automatically and it will start to locate the mobile phone and send notifications. For instance, you could define a slot time from 08:00 to 17:00 where WatchDroid wakes up at 08:00 and shutdowns at 17:00 p.m.

E-mail notifications contains the current location plus the history which shows the trip done that day. This information links to google maps for a better understanding and visualization.

Moreover, it is also possibe execute some actions using SMS commands to manage the location service remotely. Those commands are well described in 'Actions' tab.

1. The service needs to have the GPS enabled and Internet access.
2. It must be configured a sender e-mail account which allows to send the notifications to an e-mail destination address.

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