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* A step by step guideline of what normal wedding showers include.

* Discover the etiquette friendly ways of writing wedding invitations.

* Learn all the different things you should include in the invitations.

* Discover what else goes in the wedding invitations.

* When and when not to accept gifts during your shower.

* What types of gifts you should give to guests at your wedding.

* The gift do's and don'ts list to follow for your etiquette.

* Learn how to nicely return a wedding gift.

* Wedding etiquette tips guidelines for your etiquette.

* Find out who to tip, for which services & how much.

Exercising Proper Wedding Etiquette

Proper wedding etiquette is required for different aspects of the wedding. From taking care of the invitations, to the transportation, reception details, location and the church, everything has a corresponding proper wedding etiquette to follow.

The engagement:

Proper wedding etiquette should already be observed during the engagement. The news should be announced to immediate family first. A gathering of both families should be arranged. Proper wedding etiquette dictates that if either one has not met each others parents; they should break the news to one family at a time.

The wedding preparations:

The wedding theme is the first thing the couple must agree upon since all the details following it will be affected. If the couple chooses a beach wedding, proper wedding etiquette says that everything will be patterned after that. There are wedding planners who can coordinate everything for the couple and is a great help for the bride and groom in organizing their special day.

The question of when and where the wedding will be held is an important topic to consider. The couple must also decide what kind of ceremony they want to have. Will it be a church wedding or a civil one? The proper wedding etiquette is to consult the religious preference of the couple. Sometimes even if they share the same religion, a couple can still insist on the informality of a civil wedding.

The reception details:

Of course, a big part of this event is the reception. Even though the atmosphere is more informal, one cannot forget the proper wedding etiquette of having a program. It should really be about the couple, wishes from their family and guests, a time for gratitude and a celebration of the new life ahead for the newlyweds.

The menu, cake, table décor, centerpieces, sound system, and entertainment should be arranged months beforehand. The proper wedding etiquette is to follow the allotted time frame for each element. All of this will entirely depend on the couple’s taste and budget.

The dresses:

Proper wedding etiquette for any traditional wedding is a white gown for the bride and a favored color for the bridesmaids, entourage and sponsors. However, times have changed and other color palettes are now available for the bride.

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