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Finally! A Simple, Step-By-Step Guide To Throwing The Most Unforgettable, Wedding - And How You Can Literally Save Thousands In The Making Of YOUR Wedding!
"Ex-Wedding Planner Assistant Reveals
How Anyone Getting Married Can Put At
Least $2474.11 Back Into Their Pockets...

And Decided To Help YOU Uncover Secret
Ways To Negotiate Prices & Save Thousands
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Here is the best wedding helper ebook in the market that will help you to have a good wedding budget and expense.

Some of the features you will find:
- Great wedding wire
- Awesome wedding budget planner
- A wedding checklist to use with your wedding to do list
- What is the best wedding music to choose
- How to crate a wedding guest list as quick as possible

You can use this as well for your wedding anniversary

(Please not this does not include anything about wedding dash, wedding dash free or wedding dash game. These games are a different subject)

But… it includes much more, like:
• * The Location of Your Wedding and Reception
• * Wedding Rings (For Both Bride and Groom)
• * How to Create the Most Perfect Cake
• * Music Selections That Are Diversified For Everyone
• * Where The Reception Going To Be
• * What Kind Decorations Are Going To Be Used
• * What Kinds Of Flowers, And How to Arrange Them
• * Do You Have A Trustworthy & Reliable Minister
• * Are you Going To Videotape Your Ceremony
• * What About A Photographer
• * When And Where Is The Rehearsal Dinner
• * Finding Dresses And Tuxes For Everyone in the Wedding
• * Are Your Going To Hire A Caterer
• * Where Is Your Honeymoon Going To Be
• * What's The Transportation Going To Be Like
And what's even more important than all of those things, is how easy it can be for you to get every single item listed above for a fraction of the cost You will learn to save more money on your wedding than you ever thought possible, I guarantee it!
Quickly Discover How You Can Have An Unforgettable Wedding..
And Save Thousands of Dollars In The Making - Guaranteed!
Do you know the most common mistakes nearly 95% of all couples make when budgeting for their wedding? If you make these same mistakes, it could end up costing you thousands of *extra* dollars!
Do you know exactly how to save up to 67% on your wedding photography?
You'll also learn money saving tips about how you can plan your wedding at a fraction of the cost, and learn things that you never even thought imaginable!
You'll quickly discover some of the very best money saving tips, ideas, and wedding resources that will save you hundreds and thousands of dollars on your wedding. The day you get married will be a very special day for you and your significant other. There is absolutely no reason to carry the burden of the wedding costs going to your honeymoon!
• Discover the what the most popular time to get married is
• Learn how to save $100/hr. on your wedding videography & photograpy
• We reveal what percentages you should GIVE to maintain the perfect budget! Forget this and you might spend thousands MORE
• Can you think of more than 10 flowers for your wedding? We list over 310 AND their meanings from you to choose from
• Want more than just the "traditional" wedding? We scoured the 'net and found 8 from you to choose from!
• Discover how you can save hundreds of dollars on your wedding cakes, and guest goodies! It's not hard, but you'll be thankful you did it
• Follow this tip and save up to 70% on the Groom's tuxedo
• Discover why the "time of day" can MAKE or BREAK your reception.
• Don't forget to do this one week before your wedding or you'll REALLY be sorry
• Learn the 8 areas you can save the most from on your wedding.
• Why fork-over an extra 15% to your wedding planner. How to do this

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