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    With WeSMS, you can finally chat with a group of friends by texting! WeSMS is a community application that enables you to take part in multi-recipients texting, through an easy management of discussion groups, even when your data connection is not available.

    You would like to organize a party with some friends and define a meeting place? With your basic texting application, you can send your SMS to a group of people. However, they will only be able to reply to you and they will not have knowledge of the guest list. Manage this event could become a long and tedious task.

    WeSMS claims to be an easy and effective solution to manage shared groups. You create your group and you add your friends related to the event (identified by their mobile phone number). Only one SMS to type and all contacts are warned straight away. Users which have our WeSMS application installed on their Android device will be able to see in real-time the guest list and participate in the group conversation by texting. Your friends don't have WeSMS app yet? That's not a problem, they will receive your SMS normally and be kept in the loop!

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    Know issues :
    Some third party SMS applications lock received SMS. In this case, you have to change their settings to make them share SMS with other applications.

    GO SMS : ‘Menu’ -> ‘Settings -> ‘Advanced -> ‘Received Settings’ -> uncheck ‘Disable other message notification’

    Handcent Users: Open Handcent -> Settings -> Application Settings -> Default Messaging application -> Disable. You may have to reboot or restart Handcent's services for it to allow messages to go through after making this change.

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