What about my face?



How many others are judged worthy of my face?

* Nickname or personal information is required! One photo, hover just about anyone on my face and give a score!
* If you're bored? Vote runner in the face of others! And rank at the top of pretty cool man, a woman (let's check out the handsome face of Beauty)!

Beguiling Analysis of brain structure and chemistry of ice-cold series and made a face age test face series of SS Software Another work!

* Photo registration is maintained for a week.
* Appearance Rank 1, 2 and 3 above can check immediately.
* 1,2,3, challenge Get

- How to use -
1 Notice from the first screen.
2 My photos by clicking the My Profile tab to register.
3 Looks bored press tab to assess if other people's photos, scores grant.
4 Often gave my others scores.
5 Looks pretty nice face rank 1,2,3 above and watch.

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