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Why I Party There™, or W.I.P.T. as we like to call it, is ONLY $0.99 with nothing more to buy…ever! No in-app purchases required. W.I.P.T. (Why I Party There) is a mobile app for ranking bartenders, servers, waiters, waitresses, hosts, hostesses, general managers and proprietors of clubs, bars, restaurants and other food and beverage establishments in the U.S. and around the world.

A revolutionary way to develop a following, these individuals and/or their respective employers, can now help to promote themselves and their employees by having the means to upload pictures, complete a bio and gather votes! Additionally, patrons of these establishments may also submit entries of staff in order to tell others “Why I Party There”.

W.I.P.T. has an easy-to-use interface, which makes submitting an profile as simple as taking a picture( or uploading a picture) and answering a few simple questions. Once submitted, the profile will be listed on the App so other users can find and then vote for that individual. The number of votes will then determine where that person ranks within their respective city AND on a national or world basis.

Users of W.I.P.T. can sort the listings by gender (male or female), by location (nearby or a specific city or zip code) or view the listings for the Top 100 cities in the US or the world.

Do you like to go out and party? W.I.P.T. is the most innovative and revolutionary mobile network for the social/party crowd. With just a touch you can see where others like to party in your area, based on how they rank establishment staff.
No more long searches of review or check-in sites/apps. You’ll know where to go based on others telling you, "Why I Party There”. Find a person you like, and a place you like to go? Turn on Push Notification for that individual and keep up-to-date on events and specials at that establishment.

If your part of establishment staff, you can use W.I.P.T. to create your own profile, update your status, upload pictures, tell others where you work, when you work and have the ability to use Push Notifications to alert your followers to events, specials or any other relevant messages about you and your establishment. It’s a great way to develop a following and reach out to new customers.

W.I.P.T. changes everything! No more multiple web searches or frustrating GPS searches. No more suspicious or untrustworthy reviews on corporately funded or sponsored websites or within other mobile apps. W.I.P.T. shows you where to go based on real patrons rankings of establishment staff.

• THE social network for patrons and staff that party.
• Local, National and Global rankings.
• No in-app purchases required to enjoy all of the features!
• Top 100 U.S. cities and top 100 cities in the world.
• Track staff individually with Push Notifications to keep up-to-date on events and specials.
• Great for staff to generate a following, increase their value to their employer.
• Great for patrons to vote and rank staff, and discover why others party there!

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