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    Share Android files with WiFi. Transfer Android files and media to laptops and other WiFi devices wirelessly.

    ★ WiFi File Share: Transfer Android media and files wirelessly to other devices.

    ★ WiFi Connect: Share between laptops, tablets, phones and Smart TVs. Connect all devices to same WiFi network. You can also use JoikuSpot WiFi hotspot app to create a mobile WiFi hotspot, where all devices can connect for WiFi file sharing.

    ★ WiFi Download: Login to Android device with web browser and download Android files and media into your laptop or other device.

    ★ WiFi Play: Play Android music and photos over air with other WiFi devices

    ★ WiFi Friend Share: Temporary friend password for sharing Android files with friend devices.

    ★ Built-in wireless HTML5 Music Player and Photo Viewer.

    ★ Smart TV WiFi Share: Installs also in Android compatible Smart TV. Share Smart TV media over air with WiFi devices in your local home WiFi network or via JoikuSpot mobile wifi hotspot.

    ★ No software installations or cables needed in your laptop for WiFi file transfer between Android and laptop.

    ★ Easy to use with 1-click WiFi Share Start.



    ★ WiFi File Share: Wirelessly transfer all Android files.

    ★ WiFi File Upload: Wirelessly upload files from laptop to Android.

    ★ WiFi Video Play: Stream and Play Android videos over air with other WiFi devices.


    Easy to use:

    1. Connect all devices to same WiFi network. You can also use free JoikuSpot wifi hotspot app to create a wifi network for file sharing.

    2. Click "Start WiFi Share". WiFi sharing is now active in your WiFi network. You will see the web address that other devices can use in their web browsers to login into your Android.

    3. Use web browsers to login into your Android. Enter admin or friend password when asked. Friend password is temporary and you can get it in the app by clicking a little icon next to the web address.

    4. Download, upload, view and play your Android files and media with other devices web browsers.

    Under App Settings you can manage passwords and personalize your sharing experience.


    TIPS for WiFi use:

    ★ No WiFi around? Why not use JoikuSpot app to create a secure mobile WiFi hotspot for file sharing?

    Download free JoikuSpot WiFi hotspot app from and create a mobile WiFi hotspot.
    Connect all devices to WiFi HotSpot. Share Android files between devices over mobile WiFi hotspot network.


    Joiku WiFi File Share is created by Joiku, creator of popular JoikuSpot WiFi hotspot. Joiku WiFi File Share turns Android device into WiFi Media Server and allows wireless transfer of phone files and media between WiFi devices.

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